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Youth Boxing


Our 10-week youth boxing program is designed to provide a complete and immersive boxing education for young athletes. With classes every week day, participants will learn essential boxing skills such as punching techniques, footwork, defence, and mental preparation. Each class is expertly crafted by experienced coaches to ensure that students receive a comprehensive and well-rounded education in the sport of boxing. By the end of the program, participants will have developed a strong foundation in boxing skills and be prepared to take on new challenges in life.


Join our program today and take the first step towards becoming a skilled and confident boxer!

Program disciplines


Introduction to Boxing

Conditioning, footwork, defence techniques and movement.


Respect & Discipline

Boxing promotes respect for others and requires discipline to succeed.


Problem Solving

Challenges in training will improve problem solving skills and speaking abilities.


Increased Development

Boxing enhances language skills, social and emotional stability.



Participating in class and showcasing skills helps promote confidence and a desire to succeed.


Social Skills

Engagement in training will develop the ability to learn, cooperate, communicate, develop ideas and social skills.

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